We want you to be well-informed and ready to make a sure decision when joining FUMC-Urbana.

To help with that process, “Active Members” are usually paired with visitors/new members to help you learn about the church. They will walk you all the way through the membership process and help you find your special place in the church family. If you have not yet been assigned a mentor and would like one, please email Urbana First at office@fumc-urbana.org. If you are new to the United Methodist Church and would like to learn more about our beliefs, visit www.umc.org

What does Membership mean?
Receiving new members into the faith is a great celebrations for FUMC – Urbana and we rejoice when people make a decision to grow in their spiritual journey by becoming a new church member. The requirements for members are baptism, profession of faith in Jesus Christ and acceptance of membership vows.
If you have not been baptized, Our Pastor would love to meet with you to explain the United Methodist beliefs on this sacrament.

Through membership vows, those who join FUMC-Urbana promise to support Jesus Christ and this church with their:

1. Prayers (a life of prayer for one’s family and the church family)
2. Presence (faithful attendance in worship and participation in other church activities)
3. Gifts (giving of financial resources)
4. Service (giving of one’s time and energy to the ministries of this church), and
5. Witness (to faithfully tell others about Christ and this church)