Noisy Offering

Noisy Offering

The children of First United Methodist Church of Urbana will be collecting spare change each third Sunday during their regular services to go towards missions. Dig into your pockets, your bags and your couches for any spare change you might have and bring it on Sunday to help the children be the hands and feet of God in their mission work.

JULY 15th’s Noisy Offering will go towards the School Supply drive … Also, the Mission Committee is collecting school supplies for the Dr. Preston J. Williams Elementary School on the Prairie Campus.  For your shopping convenience, a list of needed supplies will be provided in Sunday’s bulletin, or go to our website: for a list of supplies and to give online.

These items will help children be prepared for school who might otherwise not have the resources.  “School Bus” collection boxes will be located in the Sanctuary Hall & Chapel for you to drop off your donations.  Donations will be taken now through Sunday, August 5th.  Thanks for your help!

What supplies you are able to donate ?


3 beginner pencils with erasers 36 #2 pencils (prefer Ticonderoga) NO mechanical pencils
24 #2 pencils (prefer Ticonderoga) 1 pencil bag or box
2 big pink erasers 1 large pink eraser
5 glue sticks (prefer Elmer’s) 2 2-pocket folders different colors
2 boxes 24 ct. Crayola crayons 1 spiral wide ruled notebook
2 boxes 8 ct. large Crayola crayons 1 composition notebook
2 boxes 8 ct. Washable Crayola markers 1 pack of wide ruled paper
1 pack dry erase markers 2 boxes 8 ct. Crayola markers
2 boxes zipper gallon size freezer bags 1 pack small black dry erase markers
2 boxes facial tissues (“family size”) pop-up 1 pack big dry erase markers
1 pair headphones (not earbuds) *Post-it* notes
1 pack of 4 glue sticks
1st GRADE 1 box zipper gallon size bags
24 #2 pencils (prefer Ticonderoga) 2 large boxes of facial tissues
1 box Crayola colored pencils Headphones (not ear buds)
2 big pink erasers
2 boxes 24 ct. crayons 4th GRADE
2 boxes 8 ct. Washable Crayola markers 60 #2 pencils (prefer Ticonderoga)
1 pack dry erase markers (black only) Plastic pencil pouch w/three ring holes (clear covers, no boxes)
10 glue sticks (prefer Elmer’s) 1 box 12 ct. Crayola colored pencils
1 yellow 2-pocket folder 8 ct. washable Crayola markers
1 blue 2-pocket folder 2 4-pack chisel tip black dry erase markers
Boys – 1 box zipper quart size bags 1 pkg. 200 ct. wide-ruled paper
Girls – 1 box zipper gallon size freezer bags 2 single subject wide-ruled notebooks
2 boxes 250 ct. facial tissues (pop-up) 2 two-pocket folders
1 pair headphones (preferably not earbuds) 4 glue sticks
1 pair scissors
2nd GRADE 2 boxes facial tissues (large)
36 #2 pencils (prefer Ticonderoga) Earbuds or Headphones
3 boxes 12 ct. colored pencils
2 boxes 24 ct. Crayola crayons 5th GRADE
2 boxes 8 ct. markers 48 #2 pencils (prefer Ticonderoga) 4 two-pocket folders (different colors)
2 glue sticks 1 pencil pouch 4 spiral notebooks
(single subject wide ruled)
3 inch 3-ring binder (Ms. Matteson’s class only) 1 large pink eraser 1 pair large scissors (Dollar Tree)
5 2-pocket folders 1 pencil sharpener with cover 2 solid glue sticks
1 pack dry erase markers (black only) 1 box 24 ct. colored pencils 2 boxes facial tissues
1 box gallon freezer bags 1 box 8 ct. colored markers Headphones